Moonlight Meditations


Playlist from 01/05/97

artist/song/release (if available)

Flying Saucer Attack/Oceans/Distance

Seely/Bubble Bath/Julie Only

Trembling Blue Stars/A Single Kiss/Her Handwriting

Theresa Mariana/Making Jam Is Relatively Easy/ (n/a)

Cibo Matto/Sugar Water/Viva La Woman

Soul Coughing/Sugar Free Jazz (Molasses Dub)/ (n/a)

Pam Hodgson/Sometimes/Sweet

The Pulsars/Submission to the Master/Submission to the Master E.P.

Tahir Keani/Itís Not Celestial Music, Itís the Girl in the Bathroom Singing/ (n/a)

Loves Lies Crushing/Zarella Almondine/ (n/a)


Flowchart/Nationwide Sleep Disorder/Tenjiru E.P.

Individual Fruit Pie/Youíve Been Seen/Release Me

Tahir Keani/Margo/ (n/a)

Moby/Summer Wind Mix/Into the Blue Remixes

Barry Adamson/Dead Heat/Pop Fiction

The Lilys/Elevator Is Temporary/Better Can't Make your Life Better

Polly Jean Harvey/Rope Bridge Crossing/Dance Hall at Louse Point

Note: Since this show was 'rediscovered' there are some missing spots on the playlist.

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